I started reading at a young age

Amanda found a box stuffed with note books, scraps of paper, old menus, bits torn out of magazines and crumpled serviettes covered with her scribbles, observations, characters, plots and stories. That’s when she realised she was passionate about storytelling and needed to share her characters and their stories with the world.

So far being an actress has been Amanda’s favourite career, she hopes that writing stories for children will be her next new favourite career.

A Little More About Amanda

I was born in Johannesburg, studied Drama in Durban and accidentally ended up living in Cape Town (after house sitting a friend’s mother’s house.) For my 21st birthday I received a flight to London and my love of travel was born.  I’ve lived in Edinburgh and Italy, but now call Sydney, Australia home.

My favourite colour
Is purple.

My favourite quote is
‘A day without laughter is a day wasted ’ Charlie Chaplin said that. 
I like to adjust it to daily living….
A day without mess is a day wasted,
A day without reading is a day wasted,
A day without paint is a day wasted,
A day without being in nature is a day wasted…..you get the idea.

Why do I want to be a published author?
I love books and stories and I want others to experience the same excitement I feel when reading. I look forward to that moment when my manuscripts become books and my characters and their stories come to life in someone else’s world and imagination. 

Tips to start you on your writing career.
Join a supportive group, Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) is a must! When you join, you instantly gain an incredible network of friends.

Request to join a SCBWI CRITIQUE GROUP, it’s invaluable for your writing motivation and improvement.
I’ve also joined Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) and Creative Kids Tales (CKT).

Australian Society of Authors is a wealth of information and courses.

Assessments and courses through The Children’s Book Academy
I have learnt so much about the Kidlit world. 

Attending events, talks, manuscript assessments, writing and critique groups.  I’ve grown and learnt so much and loved every moment of this journey.  The amazing talented people I have met have become wonderful and encouraging friends.